Tanks: US Sherman Tank Expansion


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Tanks is a quick, easy-to-learn, small-scale game, where you take command of a tank platoon, seeking to destroy your opponent’s tanks and secure victory. This starter set is the perfect beginning for you and a friend to collect a force each and learn the rules in an epic tank VS tank battle game. Expansion with additional tanks will be released in future expansions. Now Roll Out!

The M4 Sherman is the iconic American tank of World War II. Serving from the deserts of North Africa to the forests of Germany, they were present in every theater of the war. Their reliable and cheap construction gave them a numerical advantage in combat and they were distributed to other nations armies by the thousand.

This pack contains:
1x Unassembled Sherman tank
1x Sherman (75mm) tank card
1x Sherman (76mm) tank card
1x Hero card
2x Crew cards
2x Upgrade cards

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Weight 125.0 g
Dimensions 10.2 × 3.8 × 28.0 cm


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