Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun


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With new equipment, Talents, Mystical Powers, scenario options and a host of Adventuring Companies, Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun reveals the mysteries of the East to players of In Her Majesty’s Name. In the West, the Great Powers send their agents into the ailing Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires but stop short of overt acts of aggression. In the East, however, conflicts between rival factions regularly erupt into open warfare. In India, the British Raj faces the machinations of rebellious maharajahs, Russian agents and a resurgent Thuggee cult. In China, the Celestial Court weaves a complex web of plots and alliances to counter both the external threat of the Great Powers and the internal menaces of mutinous warlords and an ancient power that has arisen and seeks to return to the Jade Throne. Across the pirate-infested South China Sea, Japan has established itself as a new Great Power and is starting to forge its own empire despite unrest from rebels and insurgents at home. Throughout the entire region treasure-seekers, mercenaries and adventurers of all stripes take advantage of the chaos to seek glory and riches.

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