Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansār Sudanese Tribesman 1881-1885


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The Mahdist War, fought between the Mahdist Sudanese, Egyptians and later the British forces, breaking up rebellion through the colonies of the Empire. It has also been called the Anglo-Sudan War or the Sudanese Mahdist Revolt.

This box contains 40 x 28mm multipart hard plastic miniatures including command, which can be assembled to represent the Beja (Fuzzy Wuzzies), Kordofan rebels or Nile Arabs that fought the British and Egyptian forces.

Two command sprues and three infantry that include 40 Beja heads and 40 bare heads or capped ones. All arms are seperate with a mixture of spears, swords, throwing sticks and 8 rifles.

There are 36 shields, which are intended for the Beja

Historical background is provided by the esteemed author Lt. Col. Mike Snook

6 flags

Sand coloured unit bases

Please note Models come unpainted and assembly will be required

Perry Miniatures is a run by Alan and Michael Perry, two of the most renowned and prolific sculptors for the miniature war gaming hobby. They have amazing creations from a multitude of historical periods, Medieval times, the Napoleonics, the American War of Independence, to their latest releases set in WWII. Anyone who wishes to own, paint or collect for gaming, beautiful models from any of these periods you can not go wrong with Perry Miniatures.

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