Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Line Infantry 1812-1815


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As Napoleon drove his French armies across much of Europe in his campaign to conquer his neighbouring lands and become Emperor of all, England, Spain and Russia stood against this tide of devastation in what became known as the Napoleonic wars.

The box contains 42 Infantry figures in campaign clothing (half in Bardin regulation short tailed ‘habit-veste’ and half in great coats, all in overalls) , unit bases to allow you to build units easily and quickly, 2 flags and uniform guides and many additional heads for converting. The figures in the box represent a 36 man battalion (4 Fusilier companies, 1 Grenadier company, 1 Voltigeur company)in the typical march-attack pose of the period including command ( 1 officer, 1 standard bearer, 1 drummer) and with an additional 6 Voltigeurs / Grenadiers skirmishing. All the figures are in mid-grey with the unit bases in sap green plastic.

Please note Models come unpainted and assembly will be required

Perry Miniatures is a run by Alan and Michael Perry, two of the most renowned and prolific sculptors for the miniature war gaming hobby. They have amazing creations from a multitude of historical periods, Medieval times, the Napoleonics, the American War of Independence, to their latest releases set in WWII. Anyone who wishes to own, paint or collect for gaming, beautiful models from any of these periods you can not go wrong with Perry Miniatures.


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