Magic The Gathering Mystery Booster Convention Edition 2021 Booster Box


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What is Mystery Booster? It’s an awesome experience with the feel of a “Chaos Draft” that uses multiple Magic Draft Boosters from different releases but bundles the cards and variety you’d experience into one amazing package. The set itself contains a whopping 1,670 reprints from across the game’s history, plus 121 copies of something new and surprising—R&D Playtest cards you won’t find anywhere outside of Mystery Booster: Convention Edition. There are so many cards packed into the possibilities, you could fill an entire eight-person draft and not see the same card twice.
Some of the cards to look out for:
– Mana Crypt
– Banding sliver
– One with death
– Silvdrazi monstrosity
– Curse of opulence
– Skullclamp

Each box contains 24 booster packs


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