Hare And Tortoise


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Hare & Tortoise is something of a legend. It’s a board game of skill and wisdom that will be the greatest 60 minutes of fun you will ever experience sitting around a table! A game for all the family. It is a cunningly designed race to the finish in which your fuel (carrots) must practically run out (all but 10 carrots or fewer) at the moment you hit the finish line. You also have three lettuce cards you must spend during the course of the race. The farther you move, the more carrots you spend, and there are a variety of ways to gain or lose carrots as you go around the track. It’s a very clever exercise in arithmetic which we have fashioned into an entertaining and unique perennial favourite. The concept is simple: each turn you can move like the hare or the tortoise. You pick how fast you go – one space, a dozen, twenty – whatever you want, even backwards. Provided you have enough carrots, of course – it takes energy to move forward, and carrots give you energy. So, will you Hare off at the start or plod, Tortoise like, carefully around the board catching those Hares as they pit stop?


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