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Are you a Dungeons & Dragons DM, looking to run a starter adventure? Want to fill it full of fun, challenging monsters that your players will love to hate? Then you need the Dungeons & Dragons: Monster Cards (Challenge 0-5).

Whenever you DM an encounter that involves baddies or creepy creatures, you need their stat blocks to hand. You also need their traits, abilities and the range of actions they might take on their turn. That way you can run them in as the most accurate and fun way, possible! With the Monster Cards (Challenge 0-5), you have a whole range of monsters in your pocket, so to speak. No more scouring the Monster Manual’s index to find the right creature! No more flicking to dog-eared pages!

The Monster Cards (Challenge 0-5) are a set of 179 cards. There’s a card for each monster within the game with a Challenge Rating of 0-5. These are the exact details you’d find in the Monster Manual, but in a handy-dandy deck of cards! You could clip these to your Dungeon Master screen, so they’re easy for you to read. All the while, they’re out of sight of your unknowing party of adventurers…

On one side sits at-a-glance statistics for the monster. On the reverse is marvellous artwork of said creature. Meaning, if you wanted, you could show the party that side of the card, to show them what they’re up against! What better way to equip yourself than having a menagerie of monsters in a laminated card format?

Dungeons & Dragons is an epic tabletop RPG by Wizards of the Coast, played by millions of people worldwide. This spell deck is for the latest version of the roleplaying game, Fifth Edition. Polish your dice… and roll that d20!

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