Citadel Painting Handle


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Anyone who has tried their hand at miniature painting knows the difficulty of holding a miniature while trying to paint those hard to reach areas. The Citadel Painting Handle Mk2 clamps to your miniatures holding it in place assisting you while you paint.

Citadel Painting Handle Mk2 is a taller, slimmer design than the original and allows for easier holding of the painting handle. A wider base means the handle is more stable when not in use, the newly designed clasp enables an overhang of the base to help gain access to the more difficult to reach underside areas of your miniatures.

It is capable of holding 25mm, 28.5mm, 32mm and 40mm round bases.

Additional information

Weight 28.5 kg
Dimensions 5.0 × 5.0 × 8.0 cm


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