Blackpowder Rulebook Second Edition


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Miniature Wargame rules for the era of horse and musket 1700-1900.

If you can think of nothing finer than taking to the field of battle to refight great battles such as Quatre Bras, Bunker Hill, Rourke’s Drift, Blenheim, Gettysburg, and more, you’ll be needing a copy of Black Powder.

Black Powder is very much a game for gentlemen gamers. Gamers who cherish the finer things in life such as wonderfully painted armies, fighting over luxurious terrain and doing so in the company of friends. No need for the use of protractors to wheel a unit. Arguments over whether a charge is 2mm out of range are not something you’ll need to worry about. In essence it’s a very relaxing game that can produce stunning conflicts – conflicts that can see one side appear doomed only for them to pull victory from the icy grasp of Mistress Defeat!

The book itself is glorious. Hardback covers binding 184 full-colour pages filled with atmospheric anecdotes and the most sumptuous photographs of model soldiers you will have seen. It’s every wargamer’s dream!

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