Beetle Drive


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Beetle Drive is a British party game in which one draws a beetle in parts. The game is entirely based on random die rolls, so there is no element of skill involved- but lots of luck required! The part drawn is decided by the roll of a die. The traditional rolls are: 6 is for the body, of which there is one. 5 is for the head, of which there is one. 4 is for the wing, of which there are two. 3 is for a leg, of which there are six. 2 is for an antenna, of which there are two. 1 is for an eye, of which there are two. It is necessary to roll the correct number for the body before any other part may be drawn. To the body, one may attach the head, legs or tail, but the head must precede the antenna and eyes. The first player to draw all the requisite parts is the winner. Beetle Drive is suitable for ages 4 and up and is a great way for children to learn and recognise numbers 1-6. The game also includes handy hints for fundraising drives which is suitable for any number of players.


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