Barcelona: The Rose of Fire


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The city of Barcelona has recently demolished the old walls that prevented its growth. These are prosperous times in which some bourgeois families build their fortunes and show off their power by building unique buildings or supporting popular initiatives. Nevertheless, revolutionary movements will soon be popular among the unemployed lower classes… Two to four players work against each other to become the most prosperous and influential upper middle class family.

The Game Components

  • 4 Family cards, 6 Prestige cards, 39 Popularity cards, 36 City cards
  • 90 City tiles, and 80 Building counters (in 4 colours)
  • 16 Soldier markers, 10 Obelisk markers, and 7 Immigration markers
  • 80 Striking Workers (in 4 colours)
  • 36 Influence markers and 9 Influence cards
  • 1 ‘Labor Strike’ card and 1 ‘Bomb’ marker
  • 4 Prestige markers and 4 VP markers
  • Rulebook, Game board, and 2 cloth bags

Additional information

Weight 1000.0 g
Dimensions 29.7 × 29.5 × 7.4 cm


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